Mentoring Monday: Get Involved! Now!

Get Involved! Now!
Michael W. Pettis, School of Music Mentor

West Chester has over 260 organizations on campus that reach every aspect of life for out of classroom enrichment. WCU prides its self on this and continues to support and encourage organizations to keeping doing what they do.

What organizations are there?
Academic Groups
There is pretty much every single club here at West Chester University. In the Academic/Professional groups there is Accounting Society to Honors Student Association. Italian Club to Philosophy Club. And Political Science Club to Women in Science as well. And if you have seen the group here, I’ll bet it’s already in the process to becoming a recognized organization. It is also important to notice that most of the departments have some kind of club associated with it. WCU truly believes in the education in and outside the classroom!

Other Activities
Every Friday night at 9:14pm (weird time to start something), Sykes put on a show called Sykes After Dark. One thing to remember is that there is always free food! Always free food! The Rec Center is the perfect way to avoid the freshmen 15 or is it freshmen 20 know…

Student Government Groups
There are several student government groups on campus. Those that I will mention here have the most effect on you as a first year student. The Student Government Association, which recognizes all clubs, gives budges to about 130 of them, and governs the organizations on campus. They meet every Tuesday night at 7:15pm in the Sykes 115. The Residence Hall Association, which is in support of enriching the dorm life experience is in charge of all of the dorms extra activity, which is what the Resident Assistants or RA are not doing.It is a great way to get involved and expand on your leadership skills that you have taken from high school to college. You will see postings and hear hall announce throughout the year in your dorm.

There are also other different categories of organizations. There are about 15 Service Groups on campus. Most of then are in the form of honors Greek organizations suck as Alpha Phi Omega. There is also a Circle K international Chapter and a Relay. There are Religious Groups such as the CrossSeekers, Hillel Jewish Student Union and the Muslim Student Association. West Chester also has one of the most diverse campuses; these organizations in the Social Equity/Diversity categories keep West Chester updated and in the know for diversity involvement. There are Sports clubs, Honors fraternities and sororities, and Interest groups. One of the biggest interest clubs is Student Activities Council, or SAC. They host some of the biggest events on campus, especially their Bingo Night, which usually occurs at the end of the semester, they give out outrageously expensive prizes, like cruises, plane tickets, iPads, and then of course the silly stuff.

Time Commitment
Everything in college comes at a price when it comes to devoting time to something. And of course, we music majors have the worst schedules ever, but only because we have the best major ever. For joining extra curricular activities devote what you can to the organization. Be up front and talk to the secretary or president about your interest in the club, but you are a first year student looking at what west Chester has to offer. On the other end, be somewhat committed to what you signed up for. You never know what you might want to do in the organization in the future and you don’t want your pass hunting you!

What I recommend?
Go to the Fall Involvement Fair on Wednesday, September 5, 2014, over 200 organizations will be in the quad looking to inform you about what it is their club does. It is truly awesome to see what WCU has to offer in one spot. It is usually held in the Academic Quad, and is usually hot out. So plan on wearing sunscreen because I bet you will be out in there for a little bit longer than you expected!

Don’t be afraid to take some friends and go to an interest meeting for a club or an event the club is sponsoring. More than likely they will be happy to see you and invite you in with open arms. If you don’t want to do that or are already busy, but do not want to miss out on the opportunity (like me) send a quick email telling them who you are and that you are expressing some interest in the club and want to know more about what it is they do.

For more information go to

P.S. Shameless plug for Swope; some of the clubs based out of Swope can help you get acquainted with the world that is outside of Swope.


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