Follow Up: All School Meeting

Date: Friday, September 5, 2014 at 3:20 PM

To: Nicole Kemp <>
Subject: Follow Up: All School Meeting


Thank you to those of you who attended yesterday’s All School Meeting.  Below I have pasted a summary of some of the information given out including the Recital Attendance Requirement and Tutoring Hours. 


Nicole Kemp

Undergraduate Program Counselor

West Chester University │ College of Visual and Performing Arts

Swope Music Building │ 817 S. High Street │ West Chester, PA 19383 ││610.436.3261

Need an appointment with me? visit


Recital Attendance

You can find the list of events on our CVPA homepage, on our facebook events, in the display case outside of the Dean’s office, or on the screen in the second floor lounge. Make sure to attend 2 faculty recitals, 2 student recitals, 2 ensemble recitals, and 2 of your choice. You must complete this requirement 6 semesters.  After each semester your Degree Progress Report on myWCU will be updated to reflect your milestone.  When you get to each concert, sign in.  We’ll keep track and email you periodically with your progress.  Keep track of your own attendance and hold onto your program booklets in case of error. 


Advising Timeline:

Drop/Add period is over; your only option to change your schedule is to withdraw from courses (must be completed by October 24). 

Group Advising Sessions will occur Thursday, September 25, 11:00am.  Room locations will be emailed out beforehand.

Scheduling Workshops are 10/14, 11:00am or 12:00pm in the Recital Hall.  Sign up outside 116.

You should create a tentative schedule and then meet with your Faculty Advisor.  Check myWCU for your enrollment date and double check your requirements on your Degree Progress Report.


Additional workshops:

·  10/21, 11am, 208: Social Media and Digital Content

·  10/28, 11:00am, 208: Resume’s, Internships, and Career Development

·  New Student Success Series (time management, stress management, writing, scheduling, housing, etc.)



We are working on providing a list of internship opportunities for anyone interested in gaining work experience in the music industry outside of just teaching, performing, and composing.


Mentoring Program

 The mentoring program has been launched.  We’ll recruit next year’s Mentors at the beginning of next semester so start thinking now about paying it forward. 



We launched a blog website, to organize all of our information and resources. It feeds into our Ask Sommy account and is linked on the Current Students > Academics part of the SOM website, 


Advising Expectations for your Faculty Advising Appointment

Go into this meeting prepared with your curriculum guide- check off anything you’ve already done and highlight all of the classes you have on your tentative schedule for next semester.

Be prepared with Academic goals – minors, dual majors, timeline for how long you want to stay, what you want to accomplish, things you want to learn outside your requirements, things you want to get involved in

Be prepared with Career goals – what do you want to do/where – when you graduate? 5 years? Dream job?

Be prepared with Concerns – are you struggling with a particular course? Are you not having as much fun as you thought? Is it way harder than you imagined? Is your schedule too busy? Are you having trouble keeping track of everything? Having trouble fitting in time to practice for everything?



Theory/Aurals Tutors: Contact Dr. Maggio

o   Graduate Assistant: Peter Christian: Mondays 1-4pm, Tuesdays 1-4pm in 342 (Center for Music Technology).

o   Graduate Assistant: Danielle Brosious: Tuesdays, 10:00am-12:00noon in 342

Piano Tutoring: Check the Piano Labs for open hours – Nick Bavani

o   Fall 2014: Monday 2-4pm 346, Tuesday 9-11am 346, Wednesday 8-10pm 344, Thursday 12-2pm 346, Friday 10am-12pm 346

LARC – Learning Assistance Resource Center (Tutoring for General Education Courses): 224 Lawrence Center,, 610-436-2535

Academic Success Workshops – Free workshops on Time Management, Test Taking/Anxiety, Note Taking, Essay Writing: Contact Kathryn McCreesh,, 610-436-2187

Smarthinking – Free online tutoring: Contact Joseph Mignone, 224 Lawrence Center, cube E,, 610-436-2187

Writing Center: 214 Lawrence Center,, 610-430-5664


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