Group Advising Sessions

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 1:28 PM
Subject: Group Advising Sessions- Copy

Music Students,

Tomorrow at 11:00am in place of Studio Hour is the Group Advising Session. Please attend the sessions per your majors as indicated below. Note that my previous announcements said that MUE pre-methods would be in MWAT but we have to move to the Main Stage in EO Bull Center.

Music Performance: Instrument – SMB 220
Music Performance: Keyboard – SMB 208
Music Performance: Voice – SMB 225
Music Performance: Jazz – SMB 210
Music Ed: pre-methods – Main Stage Theatre, EO Bull Center
Music Ed: entering methods I within next year – SMB 141
Music Ed: entering methods II or student teaching within next year – SMB 320
Theory and Composition: SMB 303
Elective Studies: SMB 304
Music Therapy: SMB 310

Nicole Kemp
Undergraduate Program Counselor
West Chester University │ College of Visual and Performing Arts
Swope Music Building │ 817 S. High Street │ West Chester, PA 19383 ││610.436.3261
Need an appointment with me? visit
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