Workshops for CVPA Students

Upcoming Student Success Workshops
Open to all students in music, art, graphic design, theatre, and dance – both majors and minors!

Focus Fun

Tuesday, March 3rd and Friday, March 6th from 12 PM to 1 PM in the student lounge, Swope music building


Slacklining is a balance sport which uses nylon webbing stretched tight between two anchor points. It’s like walking on a tightrope, only closer to the ground. Slacklining is a great way to improve core body strength and balance while meeting new friends. It is also great for stress relief and can be considered a “moving meditation”.

A few minutes of training on a portable “slack rack” can induce a focused mental state and the more you practice, the easier it becomes!

Visit the student lounge to test your balance, focus, and concentration or just to unwind and de-stress! Who knows – maybe you will discover a hidden talent or develop an interest in a new activity!

Internships and Interview Skills for CVPA Students

Tuesday, March 31 from 11:00am-12:00pm in room 210, Swope Music Building

Join Ashley Rowe (Reichenbach) from the Career Development Center as she talks about internships – why they are important, when to do them, how to find a good one, etc., and interview skills that all music, theatre, dance, and art students should know about. Ashley is a great resource and can also answer questions about resumes, career exploration, and “what to do with that major.”

Meditation for CVPA Students

Thursday, April 9th from 12 PM to 1 PM in room 208, Swope music building


Learn easy but effective meditation exercises for every day use, with special emphasis towards musicians’ situations and needs.

Meditation can improve the quality of your life and musicianship in a tremendous way. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the following types of meditation:

Breathing, mantra, and chanting

Stress Management for CVPA Students

Tuesday, April 21st from 12 PM to 1 PM in room 208, Swope music building


Stress is common for college students due to time pressures and the nature of higher level study. Balancing the demands of academia and other events in our lives often results in stress. Developing coping strategies and recognizing stress can allow us to deal with stressful events and avoid the chronic effects of stress.

The workshop will examine the following key points:

What is stress? 
What stressors affect you? 
How do you recognize stress? 
What can you do to relieve stress?

Attention will be given to typical external events which may act as stressors, particularly in the context of a Music curriculum.


Summer Internship with Greta Music

Once again this summer Gretna Music will be hiring full and/or part-time interns to help us bring great music to you – and who we’ll do our best to help grow toward a successful future in the music business, or in any business.

Previous Gretna Music interns have gone on to careers with major arts organizations like BMI, the Chicago Symphony, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and the Philadelphia Orchestra!

Our full-time summer Arts Management Internship includes a stipend of up to $2,000, and runs from May 26 through August 14, plus weekends through September 13.

This position is particularly suited for students with interest in arts management, business administration, writing, communications, public relations, marketing and of course music.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and should possess good interpersonal, writing, research, and design skills. An ability to learn quickly and apply existing knowledge and experience to new situations is especially valued. Applicants will need to supply their own housing and reliable transportation, and be willing to work weekends.

Many of our past interns learned of this opportunity through friends and family who are Gretna Music enthusiasts, so please feel free to forward this email and spread the word!

For more information about this summer internship opportunity, please call internship coordinator Carl Kane at 717-361-1508.