Now Accepting Applications for Mentors and Ambassadors!

School of Music students,

Do you have a great passion for your program in the School of Music here at WCU? Do you want to share your enthusiasm and experience with others? Do you want to give back to the program while building great skills and professional development? Here is your chance! Applications to serve as a Fall 2015 SOM Mentor and 2015-2016 SOM Ambassador are now available!  Note some changes have been made to the Mentoring Program Requirements as we enter our 2nd year!

SOM Mentors (approximately 50 positions available)

Mentors serve through the fall 2015 term to assist with new student transition and acclimation to the School of Music at WCU.  Mentors will be assigned 1 or 2 new students, and we will target to match Mentors to Mentees in order to support areas of major, instrumentation, housing status, transfer status, under-represented minority status, Honors College, etc.  Mentors are expected to meet with their Mentees 4 times throughout the fall semester and offer additional support on an as-needed basis.

Mentors serve on a voluntary basis but prizes will be awarded to those who fill program requirements.

Mentors must be organized, have strong communication skills, and be sensitive to diversity in working with new students.  Mentors serve as role models and help new students to keep up with their demanding schedules and workloads as well as helping students take advantage of campus resources.

Applications are due Sunday, 3/22/2015 at 11:59pm.  Faculty will be polled for nomination of qualified candidates.  Position offers will be made by Friday, April 3, 2015.

Mentors will be expected to attend training sessions throughout the month of April.  Mentors will be polled for availability when scheduling the training sessions.

Mentor Application:

SOM Ambassadors (6 positions available)

Ambassadors serve through the 2015-2016 academic year to assist with prospective student recruiting and events.  Ambassadors work SOM Auditions, Tours, Prospective Student Days, and Accepted Student Days, as well as shadowing and other recruitment events as needed.

Ambassadors receive a $400 scholarship to their spring tuition bill.

Ambassadors must be extremely organized and diligent as many of their tasks are confined to certain times.  Must be available for Tuesday morning auditions for both fall and spring.  Candidates should be able to memorize official information for tours and should feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Applications are due Sunday, 3/22/2015 at 11:59pm.  Faculty will be polled for nomination of qualified candidates.  Position offers will be made by Friday, April 3, 2015.

Ambassadors must attend several training workshops with the Undergraduate Counselor, scheduled in coordination with Ambassador availability.

Ambassador Application:

Nicole Kemp

Undergraduate Program Counselor

West Chester University │ College of Visual and Performing Arts ││610.436.3261

Need an appointment with me?

Check out Sommy Advises, our new SOM Blog:


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