Concert Ensemble Auditions

Hello friends,
As the end of the summer is approaching, it’s just about time to start thinking about the fall and getting back to classes.  To that end, I have posted materials for auditions at the website below.

Auditions for fall CONCERT ENSEMBLES will be held Sunday, August 23.  Anyone planning on performing in an instrumental ensemble is required to perform an audition for ensemble placement and seating.  Sign-up sheets will be posted the week of August 17 and times will be determined based on the availability of your studio professors.  Since ensembles begin rehearsal Monday, August 24, no alternate audition times will be available.

For the audition, you should prepare excerpts from the PDF provided for your instrument as well as all of your major scales.  A sight-reading example may also be provided.  Audition materials can be downloaded below.  Contact Dr. Yozviak at with any questions.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll look forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks!


Andrew Yozviak, DMA
Director of Bands
College of Visual and Performing Arts – School of Music
West Chester University
Swope Music Building – 256
West Chester University
817 South High Street
West Chester, PA  19383
Office:  610-430-4188
FAX:     610-436-2873

Textbooks Textbooks Textbooks!

WCU’s Library Services has a great guide for all of your textbook options!

Student Textbook Buy/ Rent/ Sell Sites

1.         ALIBRIS –

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         Decent pricing options let student choose what type of book they want (i.e. New, used, rental, hardback etc).

2.         AMAZON – New, Used, Rental and eTextbooks

3.         BIGWORDS –

·         BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet.-as indicated by the website.

·         Good site because it compares and provides options to other sites.


·         Search – Click “Go” after you type in the college textbook you need using the Title, Author, Keyword, or ISBN in the search box.

·         Find the Cheapest Price – Click “Find the Cheapest Price” once you’ve located the college textbook you need.

·         Note: Please be patient. Sometimes it may take up to 20 seconds in order to retrieve the results from all the discount college textbook stores, where cheap textbooks are listed.

·         Buy, Rent or Sell – Click “Buy Now”, “Rent Now” or “Sell Now” to buy, rent or sell your college textbook.

5.       Chegg

Provides print and electronic textbooks.

Offers addtional services such as Homework help, solution manuals, and scholarships!

6.     Google Play Textbooks

7.       HALF – (an E-Bay company)

·         Textbook superstore.

·         Buy or rent textbooks (Renting more expensive for some reason).

8.      SLUGBOOKS –

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         type in the school and the class

·         also search by ISBN, for those who prefer searching by book.


·         Buy, Sell, or Rent Textbooks or Media Entertainment

·         Free shipping with orders over $25

Mentoring Monday: Instrument Classes 101


Instrument Classes 101
Michael W. Pettis, School of Music Mentor

Instrumental Classes, for most people, can help add some spice to the sometimes daunting tasks of practicing, doing theory and aurals homework, or even general education homework. Although it seems like these classes are useless now, they are not useless at all, TRUST ME. As a composer, it was great to get a feel for how the instrument worked, and the mindset of the musician as they play their instrument. However, as a teacher, these classes are the first times you are able to teach in front of a group of peers. If this sounds scary at first, don’t worry. The teachings you’ll do are low-pressured environments. The only pressure will be how well you push yourself to present or teach your given project, which is always good pressure. Now while you are in the class, it is very important…

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Mentoring Monday: Getting Started with Piano

Students always tell me they wish they came to WCU with stronger piano skills – here are some tips for helping prepare you for your piano courses!


Getting Started with Piano
Katie Cloud, School of Music Mentor

As an incoming freshman to the world of music majors everywhere, there is bound to be at least one part of our training that will be the ultimate struggle. For some, it will be music theory or aurals, and for others it will be the attempt of proficiency in different performance areas. The common struggle for the majority of incoming freshmen is the development of piano skills. Just like with any other performance area, the best way to handle practicing is to isolate the problem(s) and figure out what works best for you. Coming from someone who has completed our piano sequence and is working diligently to expand past my personal level of mediocrity, here are my tips on how to tackle the piano sequence head on:

  1. Write down and practice the fingerings to every major and minor scale.


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Mentoring Monday: Email

Professional communication skills are a must for every student, and since email is our primary form of communication at WCU it is important to have great email skills! A great email signature is also really helpful. This is a reblog article from Eric Shaeffer, from last year’s Mentoring Program.


Eric Schaeffer, School of Music Mentor

For many students, email as a form of professional communication is entirely new. But it is a necessity in college none-the-less, and emailing a professor not only helps to convey information, but to show your professionalism. A well-worded and formatted email not only helps for readability purposes, but also shows your integrity as an academic scholar. Here are some tips on how to write a professional email:

  • Always include something in the subject line. This tells your recipient at a glance what the email is about. Subject lines should be formatted the same way as a title of a book or essay. They should be short and right to the point. Personally, I find that a statement or phrase in a subject line looks more professional than a question, but either is fine if punctuated correctly. Periods at the end of phrases or…

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Mentoring Monday: Brace yourself; Band Camp is coming Seven Tips to surviving your first Band Camp at West Chester University.

This is a repost from last year – great advice from Drum Major Jackie Cotto


Brace yourself; Band Camp is coming
Seven Tips to surviving your first Band Camp at West Chester University.

Jacqueline Cotto, School of Music Mentor

It’s summer, which means one thing: Band camp is coming! Band camp is a great place to start getting adjusted to college life. Here are seven tips to surviving the West Chester University Incomparable Golden Rams Marching Band 2014 Band Camp.

Number one- take care of everything you need to do before band camp. This includes selling raffle tickets, handing in forms, and memorizing music. The more you can get out of the way before the camp, the less you have to worry about and can focus your energy on new music, drill, and getting to know other people!

Number two- prepare for long days. At West Chester, you have breakfast at 7 AM and then go from 8 AM until after 8 PM with…

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