Mentoring Monday: Email

Professional communication skills are a must for every student, and since email is our primary form of communication at WCU it is important to have great email skills! A great email signature is also really helpful. This is a reblog article from Eric Shaeffer, from last year’s Mentoring Program.


Eric Schaeffer, School of Music Mentor

For many students, email as a form of professional communication is entirely new. But it is a necessity in college none-the-less, and emailing a professor not only helps to convey information, but to show your professionalism. A well-worded and formatted email not only helps for readability purposes, but also shows your integrity as an academic scholar. Here are some tips on how to write a professional email:

  • Always include something in the subject line. This tells your recipient at a glance what the email is about. Subject lines should be formatted the same way as a title of a book or essay. They should be short and right to the point. Personally, I find that a statement or phrase in a subject line looks more professional than a question, but either is fine if punctuated correctly. Periods at the end of phrases or…

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