Textbooks Textbooks Textbooks!


WCU’s Library Services has a great guide for all of your textbook options!

Student Textbook Buy/ Rent/ Sell Sites

1.         ALIBRIS – http://www.Alibris.com

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         Decent pricing options let student choose what type of book they want (i.e. New, used, rental, hardback etc).

2.         AMAZON – New, Used, Rental and eTextbooks

3.         BIGWORDS – http://www.Bigwords.com

·         BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet.-as indicated by the website.

·         Good site because it compares and provides options to other sites.

4.      CHEAPESTTEXTBOOKS. http://www.Cheapesttextbooks.com

·         Search – Click “Go” after you type in the college textbook you need using the Title, Author, Keyword, or ISBN in the search box.

·         Find the Cheapest Price – Click “Find the Cheapest Price” once you’ve located the college textbook you need.

·         Note: Please be patient. Sometimes it may take up to 20 seconds in order to retrieve the results from all the discount college textbook stores, where cheap textbooks are listed.

·         Buy, Rent or Sell – Click “Buy Now”, “Rent Now” or “Sell Now” to buy, rent or sell your college textbook.

5.       Chegg http://www.chegg.com

Provides print and electronic textbooks.

Offers addtional services such as Homework help, solution manuals, and scholarships!

6.     Google Play Textbookshttps://play.google.com/store/books/category/coll_1673?hl=en

7.       HALF – http://www.Half.com (an E-Bay company)

·         Textbook superstore.

·         Buy or rent textbooks (Renting more expensive for some reason).

8.      SLUGBOOKS – http://www.slugbooks.com

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         type in the school and the class

·         also search by ISBN, for those who prefer searching by book.

9..     TEXTBOOKRUSH (formerly TEXTBOOKSRUS) https://secure.textbookrush.com

·         Buy, Sell, or Rent Textbooks or Media Entertainment

·         Free shipping with orders over $25


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