Pajama Concerts

William Jeanes Library in Lafayette Hill, PA will present its second year of Pajama Concerts – an intimate chamber music series for pre-school and elementary age children. Groups in the past have played a few short selections and read bedtime stories, ideally connected to the repertoire, in a 30-45 minute program. Our first concert will be Friday, November 13, at 6 pm and we hope to schedule a second in the Spring. The Friends of the Library Association will pay groups up to $350 for each event. The audience would be up to 75 children and their parents.  In the past they have sat on the floor for the concert.

As a music education alumna from Oberlin Conservatory, I first founded this program in State College, PA where I frequently performed with my graduate string quartet. The series was a great success and received the PA Library Association’s Best Practices Award in 2009. It’s my pleasure to continue to coordinate this program on a volunteer basis in the Philadelphia area where it engages many of the children in the community I live and teach.

I regret that I don’t yet have any personal contacts at West Chester, but due its strong reputation and frequent mention, I immediately thought of WCU and hope that you can connect me with possible performers! Please pass along this information to anyone who may be interested, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas!


Lilli Klotz Foster

Abroad Opportunity: Cultural Immersion Trip Spring Break 2016

Interested in studying abroad but not sure if you could spare a whole semester? Consider WCU’s Cultural Immersion Trip during Spring Break 2016: Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.06.06 AM

Day 1: Fly to Spain

Meet your group and travel on an overnight flight to Barcelona.

Day 2: Barcelona

Arrive in Barcelona: Bienvenidos and welcome to one of the most colorful cities on earth, Barcelona. Put on your walking shoes andembark on a tour through the imaginative and independent Catalan streets.

Walking tour of Barcelona: Explore open-air plazas dotted with avant-garde gems, from the Plaza de Catalunya to Plaza España.Wander along Las Ramblas, a pedestrian mall where you’ll find endless entertainment, restaurants, markets, monuments andshopping. Watch street artists, meet a diverse array

of locals and then rest your soles during a group dinner at a delicious local restaurant.

Day 3: Barcelona

Sightseeing tour of Barcelona: On your sightseeing tour, see why Barcelona is an art lover’s dream city and the place where masterslike Miró, Picasso and Dalí flourished. Admire avant-garde gems in open-air plazas, such as the Plaza de Catalunya and Plaza deEspaña. Snap photos of the twisting spires of La Sagrada Familia and the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, which delights visitors with dazzling light and water shows. From atop Montjuïc Hill enjoy panoramic views of the harbor below.

Park Güell: Playful and unusual, Park Güell is a feast for the senses and one of many examples of designer Antoni Gaudí’s vivid imagination. This vast public park features colorful mosaics and remarkable architecture.

Day 4: Barcelona

Walking tour of Modernist district: Discover the best of Barcelona’s Modernist buildings dominated by architects Gaudí, Domènech iMontaner and Puig i Cadafalch. On a guided tour of Casa Milà, you’ll learn about this apartment complex with two strategicallypositioned courtyards, allowing for light in every room. The rock-like structure, which features no straight lines, causes people to frequently refer to it as “La Pedrera,” or rock quarry. You’ll also visit the Casa Battló, now a museum, to marvel at the bold colors thatshimmer from the delicate tiles covering the outside.

Barcelona flamenco evening: Feel the beat this evening as you experience flamenco, a fiery taste of the soul of Spain. Born ofIndian, Moorish, Arabian and gypsy influences, flamenco is characterized by intricate footwork and clapping displays. During yourflamenco lesson, your instructor will demonstrate basic techniques while describing the history and origins of this dramatic dance.Then, let the classical guitar be your guide and experience it for yourself. Later, watch bona fide flamenco artists in action during aspecial performance. The impressive adornments worn by many dancers are designed to accentuate the passionate rhythm of thedance.

Day 5: Barcelona

Free time in Barcelona: Take the day to explore on your own. Visit the Picasso Museo Málaga, five contiguous medieval stonemansions boasting a collection that concentrates on the artist’s formative years. Check out Camp Nou Stadium, the largest stadiumin Europe and site of the 1992 Olympics. Explore where

bus tours can’t take you and discover the sights and history of Barcelona on a guided bike tour.

Day 6: Barcelona

Sightseeing tour of the Mercat de la Boqueria: Barcelona’s central produce market, the Mercat de la Boqueria, is one of Europe’sfinest feasts of sound, smell, taste and color. It spills over with all the rich and varied color of plentiful fruit and vegetable stands,seemingly limitless varieties of seafood, sausages, cheeses, meats (including the finest Jabugo ham) and sweets. Then, satisfyyour appetitie at Xampanyeria, where you’ll enjoy a tapas lunch of local delicacies.

Dalí Museum: Visit a one-of-a-kind theater museum dedicated to the surrealist world of renowned Spanish painter Salvador Dalí.The most visited museum in Spain after the Prado and a true delight for everyone who appreciates absurdity, fantasy andparticipation. Converted from an old theater in 1974, Salvador

Dalí created the museum as a repository for some of his most famous works, including Soft Self-Portrait with Fried BaconPortAlguer and The Girl from Figueres. Don’t miss the living room designed as “The Face of Mae West,” with the famous red sofa asher lips.

Day 7: Depart for home

Transfer to the airport, where you’ll check in for your return flight home.

2-DAY TOUR EXTENSION Day 7: Barcelona | Madrid

Travel to Madrid: Board a high-speed morning train and travel to the grand

city of Madrid.

Sightseeing tour of Madrid: Explore the capital of Spain in Puerta del Sol, the heart of Madrid. At Plaza Mayor, you’ll learn aboutthis grand square’s history of bullfights, royal weddings and public executions. Stand in the Plaza de Oriente, Madrid’s largestsquare, outside of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace). Step inside to explore this magnificent palace, built by King Philip V. Once the seat of the most powerful court in the world, it was here that Spain officially joined the European Community in 1986. The palaceboasts more than 2,000 rooms, including one with extravagant ceramic walls. Marvel at the splendid

marble staircase, the golden Throne Room and the incredible variety of priceless frescoes and chandeliers. Visit the Prado artmuseum and behold paintings

like Velázquez’s Las Meninas and Goya’s paired canvases. Then enjoy a group dinner where you’ll taste the flavors of Madrid.

Day 8: Madrid

Cooking class: Like the geography, climate and culture that make up the country, Spanish cuisine is diverse—and there’s no betterplace to taste the differences than in Madrid. From paella that’s been cooked to perfection in a big cast iron skillet to delicatelyprepared small plates of tapas, you’ll get the chance to learn the culinary secrets that give this unique food its distinct flare.

Toledo: Take a day trip to the former Spanish capital of Toledo, where Muslims, Jews and Christians peacefully coexisted forcenturies after the arrival of the Moors in the early eighth century. Visit the Cathedral of Toledo, a spectacular example of Gothicarchitecture, before continuing to the Church of Santo Tomé.

Day 9: Depart for home

Transfer to the airport, where you’ll check in for your return flight home.


Spain Spring Break 2016

Barcelona & Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What company organizes the tour? EF Education First, the world’s largest private educational travel company. With more than 200 offices and 26,000 employees in 50 countries (and over 40 years of experience), EF has an unmatched global support system before, during, and after the tour.


What does the tour cost include?

  • Round-trip transatlantic air transportation from Philadelphia with a major airline and airport transfers.
  • A bilingual EF Tour Director is with us 24/7 to make sure things go smoothly every step of the way. The Tour Director also leads sightseeing expeditions, conducts spontaneous free-time outings, and offers tips for local restaurants and shopping.
  • Privately guided sightseeing tours with experienced local guides. These tours include entrance fees to important monuments and museums. Your Tour Director will also lead occasional walking tours of cultural attractions off the beaten track. There’s plenty of free time to explore particular areas of interest.
  • Lodging at tourist class hotels with private baths. Most EF hotels are located near town centers, near public transportation, or both. And every hotel is graded by EF to ensure that it is comfortable, clean, and safe.
  • Most meals including daily European breakfast buffet, 2 dinners at local establishments, and one tapas lunch.
  • Land transportation once we are inside the country.
  • EF’s all inclusive insurance which includes medical, accident, baggage/property loss, flight delays, emergency assistance, and tour cancellation/interruption coverage. EF designates this insurance as optional; however, the University requires that every passenger purchase the insurance.


What does the tour cost NOT include? You are responsible for most of your lunches, other dinners that aren’t included, optional site seeing, souvenirs, gratuities (see below), and other extras. Depending on how you spend, approximately $30 to $50 per day is recommended.


How much does the tour cost? $2,994. This includes a $200 discount that expires August 31, 2015.


How do I secure my spot? Your $95 registration fee serves as the non-refundable down payment for the tour. It also locks in the program price so that if the cost of the trip fluctuates, you will still pay the same amount.


When is the remainder due? You need to pay $250 more on the trip within 30 days of your registration. $400 more must be paid within 150 days of our departure date. Your tour balance minus departure fees (airport taxes) must be paid within 95 days of our departure date, and departure fees must be paid within 30 days of our departure date. You can always check the “Payment Schedule” specifications under your account number on the EF website (


Are there payment plans? Yes, for the tour. You can pay monthly installments through the EF Autopay program. It allows you to pay for the trip up to 35 days before departure (call 877-485-4184 or select the payment plan option online).


How do I sign up? The easiest way to sign up is to go online at This site is our individualized tour page with all of the information specific to our trip. You can also call customer service (1-877-485-4184) and give them our tour ID number which is 1702848HF. Both of these payments require a credit/debit card. If you need to send a check, please let us know.

Could I have a private room? Yes, but the cost is about $500 higher. If this is something that interests you, please let us know as soon as possible.

What are gratuities and how much are they? It is customary to tip the full-time Tour Director, the bus driver, and local guides. The suggested tipping quantities are:

Tour Director: $6 per person per day with TD ($6 x 8 days = $48)

Bus Driver: $3 per person per day with bus ($3 x 5 days = $15)

Local Guide: $2 per person per guide ($2 x 3 guides = $6)

Total cost for gratuities: $69 per person (could possibly go down)

We will collect gratuities beforehand so that a group leader will be in charge of tipping and you won’t have to worry during the trip.


What if I have to back out of the tour due to an unforeseen emergency? Is the tour cost reimbursable? The cost is reimbursable up to three months before departure. EF has an “All-Inclusive Insurance Plan,” which is mandatory for our travelers. The plan includes tour cancellation/interruption coverage. The non-refundable premium is $155. The program is not affiliated with WCU but insures your trip through the company that we use to organize this trip.

Is there a curfew or other rules we must follow on tour? No…we’ve never had the NEED to establish a curfew time, but that is always subject to change. The standards of conduct for students who study abroad are the same as those established for students on the WCU campus. The policy concerning the use of illegal substances will be enforced, and abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated. Our only two firm rules are to let us know where you are at all times if you are not with the group, and never go out in groups of less than three. Otherwise, we treat you like the adult that you are unless we have reason not to. We have the authority to send anyone home in case of behavior problems, or if a person makes the trip miserable for others. We never think we’ll have to do that, but we do possess the authority.


Will we have more meetings before we leave?

Absolutely. We have lots to talk about, and I’m sure you have many questions. We will meet a minimum of three more times before departure to discuss spending money, dress, how we’ll get to the airport, passports, and things of that nature. We’ll send out periodic emails with hints, deadlines, and other must-know details. In addition, we will create a Facebook group so we can easily share photos, links, and other useful information. In summary, we are your contacts for this trip. If you have any questions or thoughts about the trip or EF that you want answered immediately, drop one of us an email at any time and we’ll return the message as soon as possible.

Charlie Warner, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement (

Barrett McGee, Coordinator of Student Activities (

Sue Visoskas, Associate Director of Housing and Dining Administration

Green Dot Certification

Green Dot Bystander Training




Sign up for one of our bystander trainings to take the first step in ending power-based personal violence on our campus. At the training you will learn how to recognize Red Dots, how to put Green Dots on our map, and how to spread this movement on our campus.

In addition to becoming Green Dot Certified, you will receive a t-shirt, lunch or dinner and other Green Dot giveaways!

Wednesday, September 2 and 9, 4:30-8:30

Saturday, September 19, 10:00am-6:00pm

Register on OrgSync: