Pajama Concerts

William Jeanes Library in Lafayette Hill, PA will present its second year of Pajama Concerts – an intimate chamber music series for pre-school and elementary age children. Groups in the past have played a few short selections and read bedtime stories, ideally connected to the repertoire, in a 30-45 minute program. Our first concert will be Friday, November 13, at 6 pm and we hope to schedule a second in the Spring. The Friends of the Library Association will pay groups up to $350 for each event. The audience would be up to 75 children and their parents.  In the past they have sat on the floor for the concert.

As a music education alumna from Oberlin Conservatory, I first founded this program in State College, PA where I frequently performed with my graduate string quartet. The series was a great success and received the PA Library Association’s Best Practices Award in 2009. It’s my pleasure to continue to coordinate this program on a volunteer basis in the Philadelphia area where it engages many of the children in the community I live and teach.

I regret that I don’t yet have any personal contacts at West Chester, but due its strong reputation and frequent mention, I immediately thought of WCU and hope that you can connect me with possible performers! Please pass along this information to anyone who may be interested, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas!


Lilli Klotz Foster


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