Like a Bat out of Hades

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.34.14 AM

The Department of Theatre and Dance  invites you to LIKE A BAT OUT OF HADES!

Welcome to Ombelico Mask Ensemble’s  latest experimental concoction: LIKE A BAT OUT OF HADES!  Fusing Commedia dell’Arte with ancient Greek tragedy and traditional Italian puppetry, this show is a ridiculous re-imagining of the Euripedes play ALCESTIS.

Admeto strikes a deal with the Fates to avoid going to Hades… someone must go in his place. His wife Alcestis thinks that Hades sounds like a lovely vacation getaway! But after she leaves Admeto has second thoughts. Enter his best friend Hercules promising to return Alcestis from the underworld but  Apollo and Death have other plans…

At the Main Stage Theatre

September 2105 at 7pm in the Main Stage Theatre

Free, Limited seating (First Come- First Serve)


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