SOM Advising Guide

Advising for Music Majors: 

In the School of Music at WCU each music major is assigned a Faculty Advisor.  You additionally have resources like an Undergraduate Program Counselor, Department Chairs, as well as an Associate Dean. You will likely meet with your Faculty Advisor or Undergraduate Program Counselor several times each semester.  Your Faculty Advisor has the ability to give you permission to schedule for each following semester so you must meet with them at least once each semester.  You may choose to schedule additional meetings with your Faculty Advisor to discuss your curriculum and career goals, as well as additional performance, educational, and scholarship opportunities.  Remember that your Faculty Advisor is a professional in their field so they will likely be able to provide great career guidance and help you to make decisions that are best for you.  The Undergraduate Program Counselor serves to assist with connecting you to various advising resources within the School of Music as well as across West Chester University, and is available to answer any further scheduling and curriculum questions.

Who is my faculty advisor? 

The name of your faculty advisor is listed on your myWCU account.

If you are a Music Education major your advisor will likely be your studio lesson professor for the first two years, and thereafter you will be reassigned to an advisor from the Music Education faculty.  If you are a Music Performance major, your advisor is one of the department chairs from the Applied Music faculty.  If you are a Music Theory and Composition or Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field major your advisor is one of the Music Theory and Composition faculty. Music History majors are assigned to a Music History faculty member.

Advising Timeline:

Drop/Add— During the first week of the semester you can drop and add courses without penalty. If you need assistance with this process please talk to your Faculty Advisor or Undergraduate Program Counselor.  Most University offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so I would recommend finalizing your schedule by ahead of time in case you need assistance.

  1. All School Meeting: This event is held each semester as a way for the SOM administration to provide any announcements, information, or updates to the student body. Typically held the first Thursday of each semester during Studio Hour time (Thursdays at 11:00am in Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre).
  2. Group Advising Session: This event is held each semester so that students can meet with faculty advisors in their major and receive any general advising information or department updates.  Typically held at the end of September and February during a Studio Hour Time (Thursday at 11:00am in Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre).
  3. Scheduling Workshop: Need to learn how to schedule? or need a scheduling refresher? We’ll be hosting two Scheduling Workshops on DATE TBA, at 11:00am and 12:00Noon in Ware Recital Hall. Bring your laptops or tablets if you can. All are welcome to attend. Sign up outside of Nicole’s Office/116.
  4. Create Your Tentative Schedule on myWCU: Using the resources on the Scheduling page (on in addition to your curriculum guide, create a tentative schedule for yourself in myWCU.
  5. Faculty Advisor Appointment: Your myWCU account will tell you when you are allowed to start scheduling for the upcoming semester.  You want to schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor about two weeks in advance of that day to review your academic progress and tentative schedule for the next semester.  During your meeting your Faculty Advisor will remove the “Advisor Hold” on your myWCU account which will allow you to schedule your courses beginning on your scheduling date.
  6. The university calendar tells you the dates each semester that you can drop, add, and withdraw from courses.


Additional Advising Checks:

  1. In addition to the typical advising timeline, during the 5th week of the semester you may receive an email from the Undergraduate Program Counselor encouraging you to come in for a progress-check.  This check may be because one of your faculty has indicated that you are struggling in class, because you were admitted with a limited credit-load, or because you’ve struggled in previous semesters.  This meeting is used to assess your progress and identify resources and areas for improvement and also to make recommendations for scheduling for the next semester.
  1. During the semester before you wish to graduate you should schedule a time to meet with the Undergraduate Program Counselor for a Graduation Check/Degree Audit.  This is used to confirm that you are on track to graduate and identify any additional requirements you will need to meet before you schedule for your last semester.

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