B.M. Music Education: Instrument

B.M. Music Education: Instrument
Plan Code #M147

Music Theory and Aural Activities
Minimum of C- required for MTC 112, 113, 114, 115
MTC 112 Music Theory I (3 cr.)
MTC 114 Aural Activities I (2 cr.)
MTC 113 Music Theory II (3 cr.)
MTC 115 Aural Activities II (2 cr.)
MTC 212 Music Theory III (3 cr.)
MTC 214 Aural Activities III (2 cr.)
MTC 213 Music Theory IV (3 cr.)
MTC 214 Aural Activities IV (2 cr.)

Music History
Minimum of C- required for MHL 210, 211
MHL 210 Music History I (3 cr.)
MHL 211 Music History II (3 cr.)
MHL 212 Music History III (3 cr.) Interdisciplinary

Major Lessons (1.5 cr. each)
_____ 111
_____ 112
_____ 211
_____ 212
_____ 311
_____ 312
_____ 411
_____ 412

Major Band/Orchestra Ensembles (0.5 cr. each)
7 semesters required; repeatable
AEB 311 Marching Band (1 cr.) (2 sem. required except strings/double reeds)
AEB 321 Concert Band
AEB 331 Symphonic Band
AEB 341 Wind Ensemble
AEO 341 Symphony Orchestra
AES 131 Guitar Ensemble (Guitar only)

Major Choral Ensembles (0.5 cr. each)
3 courses required; repeatable
CHO 211 Men’s Chorus
CHO 212 Women’s Chorus
CHO 311 Mastersingers
CHO 312 Cantari Donne
CHO 412 Concert Choir

May complete requirement via competency exam
PIA 191 Piano Class I (0.5 cr.)
PIA 192 Piano Class II (0.5 cr.)
PIA 291 Piano Class III (1 cr.)
PIA 292 Piano Class IV (1 cr.)

VOI 191 Voice Class I (0.5 cr.)
VOI 192 Voice Class II (0.5 cr.)
VOI 291 Voice Class III (1 cr.)

Instrument Courses (0.5 cr. each)
ABC 191 Trumpet
ABC 192 French Horn or ABC 193 Trombone
APC 191 Percussion – Non Pitched
APC 192 Percussion – Pitched
ASC 191 Violin/Viola (1 cr.)
ASC 194 Cello or ASC 195 Bass or ASC 196 Guitar
AWC 191 Single Reed
AWC 192 Flute/Recorder
AWC 193 Double Reed

Music Education Courses
MUE 201 Music Education Seminar
MUE 220 Teaching Music to Special Learners
EDA 103 Foundations of Special Ed
EDP 250 Educational Psychology
EDR 345 or EDR 347 Literacy Dev. & Students w/ Disabilities
LAN/ENG 382 Teaching English Language Learners
MUE 331 Methods & Materials I Writing Emphasis
MUE 332 Methods & Materials II Writing Emphasis
MUE 333 Instrumental Methods
MUE 431 Student Teaching I
MUE 432 Student Teaching II

Elementary Band/Orchestra (0.5 cr. each)
AEB 101 Elementary Band
AEO 101 Elementary Orchestra (pre-req=ASC191)

Conducting (2 cr. each)
AIC 311 Instrumental Conducting I
AIC 312 Instrumental Conducting II

Jazz Techniques (0.5 cr.)
AJZ 365 Jazz Techniques

General Education Curriculum
You must complete all general education curriculum as prescribed.

Studio Hour
Thursdays at 11:00am

Recital Attendance
6 semesters of Recital Attendance: 2 Faculty Recitals, 2 Ensemble Recitals, 2 Student Recitals, and 2 recitals of your choice. Each requirement must be completed within a semester, so you cannot carry over recitals attended across semesters, but you can complete more than one requirement within a semester. Recital Attendance is tracked in your Degree Progress Report on myWCU as RECATT Milestones.

Certification Exams and Requirements
Clearances – complete each summer
Professional Qualifying Test
2.8 GPA (upon entering Methods)
Formal Admission to Teacher Education (FATE)
School of Music Education Application
Praxis II – Fundamental Subjects
Praxis II – Music Content

PAPA Review Sessions: The WCU Learning Assistance & Resource Center (LARC) offers a 6-week PAPA review course for students. Students must register on the LARC website (www.wcupa.edu/ussss/larc/) for the review course during the first week of the semester. The review sessions begin the second week of the semester and students must attend all weekly-sessions of the 6-week course.


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