Welcome Back SOM Announcements

this information was emailed to all SOM students on Thursday, August 21:



On behalf of the staff, administration, and faculty here in the School of Music, welcome back! I hope that your summer was everything you had hoped it to be, and also that you took initiative to practice, because it’s time to dive right back into an incredible semester here in Swope.  For upperclassmen, I hope that you’ve taken some time to reflect on your past semesters and how you can really push yourself to greater successes this semester.  For new students, I hope that you’ve been reflecting about the time management, organization, and dedication that is required of you in order to succeed and have a great semester.  In either case I encourage you to reflect on some academic goals for yourself and ask yourself how you will reach them.  Please don’t tell me you’re going to focus.  Go back and really create an action plan for yourself with individual goals and individual actions for how you can reach them.

As always, I’ve put together a giant list of announcements and reminders.  Even if you think you know what you’re doing it would be a good idea to save this email; bookmark it somewhere so that you can reference it as you need it.

School of Music Resources
Check your myWCU account to verify that you know who your faculty advisor is.  You’ll need to meet with your faculty advisor before you can schedule your courses for the next semester. If you are junior MUE major you should now be assigned a MUE advisor.

Staff and Administration 
Dean – Dr. Timothy Blair
Associate Dean – Dr. John Villella jvillella@wcupa.edu
Business Manager – Stacie Kranzley skranzley@wcupa.edu
Department Chairs – Dr. Chris Hanning (Applied Music) channing@wcupa.edu, Dr. Bryan Burton (Music Education) jburton3@wcupa.edu, Dr. Robert Maggio (Theory, History, and Composition) rmaggio@wcupa.edu
Undergraduate Program Counselor – Nicole Kemp nkemp@wcupa.edunicolelynnkemp.youcanbook.me

Front Desk – Robin Powell rpowell2@wcupa.edu
Lockers, Programs, Instruments – Denise Meikle dmeikle@wcupa.edu
Events Coordinator – Matt Miller mmiller@wcupa.edusomroomrequests@wcupa.edu
AV Recording Engineer – Bob Rust RRust@wcupa.edu
Piano Technician – Gerry Cousins gcousins@wcupa.edupianoservice@wcupa.edu

Digital Content Specialist – Seth Birch, sbirch@wcupa.edu

New SOM Blog—This summer I launched a blog to be able to better provide you with helpful resources.  The front of the site is a blog for me to post articles, but it also has several useful resource tabs for you.  This is also where I’ll be posting job opportunities.  You can find this link on our SOM website under Current Students > Academics.  http://wcupa.edu/cvpa/music/curr_students/academics.asp

Studio Hour—Every Thursday at 11:00 am you are to meet with your lesson professor for Studio Hour.  Your professor will let you know your room assignment.



Upcoming Student Success Workshops
9/4, 11:00am, Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre: All School Meeting – All School of Music Majors not student teaching should attend this session – you’ll hear from the administration and staff about general announcements and information you’ll need for the upcoming year.  Attendance is mandatory.

9/25, 11:00am, locations listed below: Group Advising Sessions – You’ll meet with faculty advisors in your major who will give out general advising information to help you prepare for the upcoming scheduling process and to help you with setting academic goals.  Attendance is mandatory.
Music Performance: Instrument – SMB 220
Music Performance: Keyboard – SMB 208
Music Performance: Voice – SMB 225
Music Performance: Jazz – SMB 210
Music Ed: pre-methods – MWAT
Music Ed: entering methods I within next year – SMB 141
Music Ed: entering methods II or student teaching within next year – SMB 320
Theory and Composition: SMB 303
Elective Studies: SMB 304
Music Therapy: SMB 310

10/14, 11:00am or 12:00Noon, Ware Family Recital Hall: Scheduling Workshop—Need to learn how to schedule? or need a scheduling refresher? We’ll be hosting two Scheduling Workshops on Tuesday, October 14, at 11:00am and 12:00Noon in Ware Recital Hall.  Bring your laptops or tablets if you can.  All are welcome to attend.  We’ll provide a light lunch to any students who sign up in advance.  Sign up outside of Nicole’s Office/116.

10/21, 11:00am, Swope Music Building 208: Social Media and Digital Content– Seth Birch, our new CVPA Digital Content Specialist, will be presenting a workshop for CVPA students that shows students how to use Social Media appropriately for both professional and personal purposes.  Whether you’re trying to create a brand for yourself online or are trying to hide from your students, this is a workshop you’ll want to attend.

10/28, 11:00am, Swope Music Building 208: Resumes, Internships, and Career Development – Ashley Reichenbach, the CVPA liaison in the Career Development Center, will be hosting a workshops specifically geared for CVPA students that teaches how to appropriately design your resume to showcase your talents, how to find internships that will launch you into great careers, and all of the amazing resources that the Career Development Center offers to students.

New Student Success Series— sponsored by the Office of New Student Programs
8/26: D2L 101,  2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
8/27: Time Management: Fit It All In, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
9/23: Stress Management: Breathe Easier, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
9/24: How to Schedule for Spring,  2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
10/28: Writing 101: A Guide to Papers, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
10/29: Living on Campus or Off?, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
11/18: Will My Major Lead to Success?, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre
11/19: Finals Week 101: Plan for Success, 2:30-3pm or 3:30-4pm, Sykes Theatre



Student Responsibilities

Confirm your Fall Schedule—The courses displayed in your MyWCU account are the classes you are registered for and will be graded on at the end of the semester.  Make sure you are attending the correct classes.  If your schedule does not appear in your account, your classes have been dropped due to non-payment.  You will need to contact the Bursar’s Office (http://www.wcupa.edu/_information/afa/Fiscal/Bursar/) ASAP to make payment on your account.  After your account has been cleared, you will be able to rebuild your schedule.  However, you may not necessarily be able to register for the same courses you were previously registered for.

Drop/Add—The last day to drop or add courses on myWCU is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  If you need assistance with this process please talk to your faculty advisor or me.  Most University offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so I would recommend finalizing your schedule by Friday at 2:00 PM (school is closed Monday) in case you need assistance. The last day to withdraw, finalize NGs, or submit for Pass/Fail is Friday, October 24.

Private Lessons—If you have not already contacted your private lesson teacher and provided him/her a copy of schedule, you need to do that ASAP so that your private lessons can be scheduled.

Recital Credit—Fall semester recital information can be found in the online calendar (http://www.wcupa.edu/CVPA/). We’ve indicated the type of recital credit being granted for each recital. There are plenty of opportunities to complete your recital credit (2 faculty, 2 student, 2 ensemble and 2 of your choice). If you know you are going to have a problem completing a particular recital requirement (e.g. Monday night class), you need to see me by September 5, 2014 so we can discuss your situation. Recital attendance is tracked by signing in and out of each recital.  You’ll receive periodic emails verifying that we’ve tracked your attendance from me.  As you complete your recital attendance requirements they will be listed on your Degree Progress Report under Milestones.

Clearances (Music Education)— remember that you do need to have clearances on file in order to participate in your field courses – if you are enrolled in any music education course this fall that will require field experiences, your clearances need to be on file by the third day of the semester (August 28) – field classes will be dropped off of your schedule the fourth day of the semester if your clearances are not on file.  They should be scanned using the AX system. Please talk with Dr. McFarland if you have questions or concerns about your clearances. amcfarland@wcupa.edu

Graduation Check
Fall 2014—If you are graduating this fall and need a double-check to ensure you’ve completed all of your requirements, stop by and see me before I leave on Friday, August 29.
Spring/Summer 2015—If you plan on graduating in Spring or Summer 2015, please stop by my office so that we can verify that your requirements are on track for completion.  The deadline to apply for spring and summer graduation is December 31.


Building and Other Information

Academic Resources and Tutoring—We have several academic and tutoring resources available for you. We have a tutoring center on campus (LARC), but we also have tutors available within Swope.  I’ve got links to all of the tutoring resources at https://sommyadvises.wordpress.com/resourcesforstudents/wcu-academic-resources/

 Lockers—Most of you should already have a locker, but for whatever reason if you need a locker please stop down to the main office and see Denise. We are currently only checking out 1 locker to music majors beginning Monday, August 25th.  Non-music majors can check out a locker beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.  Music majors can sign out a second locker beginning Tuesday, September 16th.

Instrument Rental—If you need to rent an instrument you may do so at the Instrument Rental Office on the first floor.  The Instrument Rental Office will be open extended hours the first week of classes: Monday 8am-12:15pm, 1-2:30pm; Tuesday 11am-2:30pm; Wednesday 9-11:30am, 1-2pm; Thursday 1-2pm; Friday 9-11:15am, 12-2:30pm.

Practice Rooms—Access to the practice rooms has been pre-programmed for all music majors and will be active as of the first day of the semester. If you find you cannot access the practice rooms, e-mail Matt Miller (mmiller@wcupa.edu) your name, student ID, and which kinds of rooms you need access to.  Remember you can only have percussion or piano major practice room access if you are taking private lessons with them.

Musician Referral List—we often get calls and emails asking for students to perform or teach lessons – if you would like for your name to be given out to those requests or if you are already on the list and would like to be removed, please sign up to be on our Musician Referral List http://www.wcupa.edu/CVPA/music/referral.aspx

Concert Attire— your ensemble directors will discuss concert attire with you, but in general concert attire is as follows:

Bands: Men-Black tux with black bow tie and cummerbund.  A black suit is an appropriate substitute.  We do not provide bow ties or cummerbunds.  Ladies-Black dress pants and black dress top.

Choirs: Men-Black tux (dinner jacket, white shirt, bow tie).  Women-Black dress, varies by ensemble (specifics will be given by your ensemble directors) – women in Cantari Donne, Mastersingers, and Concert Choir purchase dress through the ensemble; women in Women’s Chorus wear a black dress of their choosing.

Orchestra: Men- black tux or suit, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black long socks, black dress shoes. Women- floor-length black skirt or pants, black long-sleeve blouse (to the elbow or longer, no lace, must cover waist); black dress shoes, no glitter or distracting jewelry

Social Media— with the addition of a new Digital Content Specialist the summer, the College of Visual and Performing Arts has now taken our Social Media to the next level (thanks, Seth!).  Check out all of our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, and other accounts, and don’t forget to use our new hashtag #ArtsAtWCU.

SOM Honors Convocation— every fall we honor our outstanding students with certificates and scholarships.  This year’s convocation is Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 3:00pm in Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall.  There will be performances by the Criterions Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble.  Ensemble Recital Credit will be offered.


Nicole Kemp
Undergraduate Program Counselor
West Chester University | College of Visual and Performing Arts
nkemp@wcupa.edu | 610-436-3261
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Prospective Students: Schedule a Tour and review our Audition Requirements
“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne (Christopher Robin)


For Freshmen MUE Students:

Dear New Swopian,

If you are reading this message, it means you are going to be beginning your journey in the WCU School of Music towards becoming a music educator in just two weeks! On behalf of the West Chester University chapter of the Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association, I’d like to say welcome—we are all very excited to get to know you!

Earlier this summer at orientation, you should have received a flyer from PCMEA that explained a little about who we are and what we do. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of the music education world, or would like to join together with your fellow Golden Rams in forming a support network in the field of music education, then PCMEA is for you. The WCU chapter of PCMEA is very involved with the community of West Chester—partnering with the Melton Community Center to teach music lessons on a weekly basis. We hold monthly meetings focusing on different topics relevant to our field and, new this year, will be partnering with PMEA District 12 to assist in the instrumental/choral auditions at West Chester Rustin High School and will be attending the District 12 Professional Development In-Service.

Of course, these are only a few of the activities that the executive board has planned for this year and we would love to see you at them! Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 2 in the Ware Family Recital Hall at 7:44 PM (yes you read that right—not 7:45). Our topic for this meeting will be an information session about what exactly PCMEA, and by extension the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association and the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) are all about. We will also be talking about how you can officially join PCMEA and what this year will bring for our chapter. Oh, and of course there will be free Rita’s Italian Ice!

If you are in marching band, we will also be at SIGMA night (which is an informational Q&A session on Monday night that will give you more information about some of the other organizations in the School of Music that are available to you)—so feel free to find us there and find out more. Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or another member of the executive board with any questions! See you all soon.

Musically Yours,

Joshua Oldham
President, PCMEA

Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

Hello folks,
Auditions for fall CONCERT ENSEMBLES will be held Sunday, August 24.  Anyone planning on performing in an instrumental ensemble is required to perform an audition for ensemble placement and seating.  Sign-up sheets will be posted the week of August 18 and times will be determined based on the availability of your studio professors.  Since ensembles begin rehearsal Monday, August 25, no alternate audition times will be available.  For the audition, you should prepare excerpts from the PDF provided for your instrument as well as all of your major scales.  A sight-reading example may also be provided.  Audition materials can be downloaded from the band website using the following link:
Password:  FALL2014
I look forward to hearing you all in a few short weeks and getting started on this year’s repertoire!
Email me or your studio teachers with any questions.
All my best,
Dr. Yozviak
Andrew Yozviak, DMA
Director of Bands
College of Visual and Performing Arts – School of Music
West Chester University
Swope Music Building – 256
West Chester University
817 South High Street
West Chester, PA  19383
Office:  610-430-4188
FAX:     610-436-2873

Announcing: Mentoring Monday!

Many of you know that this year we are launching a new and improved School of Music Mentoring Program.  We have incredible mentors lined up who have undergone training for the program and are ready to go! Aside from their duties to the new students, they’ve volunteered to write down their thoughts on different topics for you throughout the year! Each Monday we’ll post a Mentoring Monday article written by one of our School of Music Mentors.  They are already hard at work writing their articles, but if there is something you’d like to see, please let me know at nkemp@wcupa.edu.