Welcome Back to the School of Music

From: WCU – Communication <wcu-communication@wcupa.edu>
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 9:13 AM
To: Nicole Kemp <nkemp@wcupa.edu>
Subject: Welcome Back to the School of Music- Copy


I’m so pleased to welcome you all back to Swope for another great semester – it gets incredibly quiet in Swope without you all and the administration, faculty, staff, and I are ready for you to fill our halls again.  I hope your summer has been a great one! As we get ready for the semester I urge you to take a few minutes to get organized – it’s always a little busy here and it’s easy for information to get missed or lost, so do your best to stay on top of your responsibilities. Remember that I’m here to help you however I can, but of course these next few weeks will be a bit busy with email and it may take me a day or two to respond to email in some cases.  My office door will be open for walk-in appointments, but it’s best if you book an appointment with me when you need assistance (nicolelynnkemp.youcanbook.me)

As always, I’ve put together a giant list of announcements and reminders. Even if you think you know what you’re doing it would be a good idea to save this email; bookmark it somewhere so that you can reference it as you need it.


Check your myWCU account to verify that you know who your faculty advisor is. You’ll need to meet with your faculty advisor before you can schedule your courses for the next semester. If you are a junior MUE major you should now be assigned a MUE advisor.  If you’re unsure about your faculty advisor or need a switch for any reason, let me know.

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Dean – Dr. Timothy Blair

Associate Dean – Mr. Jon Esser jesser@wcupa.edu(Mr. Esser is new this semester, be sure to stop by the main office and say hello!)

Business Manager – Stacie Kranzley skranzley@wcupa.edu

Department Chairs – Dr. Chris Hanning (Applied Music) channing@wcupa.edu – on sabaatical this fall – see Dr. Emily Bullock ebullock@wcupa.edu, Dr. Kimberly Reighley  kreighley@wcupa.edu, and Dr. Patricia Powell ppowell@wcupa.edu in his absence; Dr. Bryan Burton (Music Education) jburton3@wcupa.edu; Dr. Robert Maggio (Theory, History, and Composition) rmaggio@wcupa.edu

Undergraduate Program Counselor – Nicole Kemp nkemp@wcupa.edunicolelynnkemp.youcanbook.me

Two New Graduate Interns working with Nicole: Danielle Cartwright dc717954@wcupa.edu and Cristina Urena cu838062@wcupa.edu

Front Desk – Robin Powell rpowell2@wcupa.edu

Lockers, Programs, Instruments – vacant – for now, stop by the main office with these questions until the position has been filled

Events Coordinator – Matt Miller mmiller@wcupa.edusomroomrequests@wcupa.edu

AV Recording Engineer – Bob Rust RRust@wcupa.edu

Piano Technician – Gerry Cousins gcousins@wcupa.edupianoservice@wcupa.edu

Digital Content Specialist – Seth Birch, sbirch@wcupa.edu


Mentoring Program Meet and Greet – 8/24, 7:30pm, Swope 320: for all new students and SOM Mentors

All School Meeting – 9/3, 11:00am, Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre:  All School of Music Majors not student teaching should attend this session – you’ll hear from the administration and staff about general announcements and information you’ll need for the upcoming year. Attendance is mandatory.

Group Advising Sessions – 9/17, 11:00am, locations listed below: You’ll meet with faculty advisors in your major who will give out general advising information to help you prepare for the upcoming scheduling process and to help you with setting academic goals. Attendance is mandatory.

Music Performance: Instrument – SMB 220

Music Performance: Keyboard – SMB 208

Music Performance: Voice – SMB 225

Music Performance: Jazz – SMB 210

Music Ed: pre-methods – MWAT

Music Ed: entering methods I within next year – SMB 141

Music Ed: entering methods II or student teaching within next year – SMB 320

Theory and Composition: SMB 303

Elective Studies: SMB 304

Music Therapy Interest Session: SMB 310


Fall Semester Begins: Monday, 8/24

Labor Day: Monday, 9/7 (no class)

Add/Drop Period: 8/24-8/31

Fall Break: 10/5-6 (no class)

Deadline for Course Withdraw, NG, Audit Request, Pass/Fail Request: Friday, 10/23

Final Exams: 12/8-12/12

Undergraduate Commencement: Sunday, 12/13

Graduate Commencement: Monday, 12/14


Confirm your Fall Schedule—The courses displayed in your MyWCU account are the classes you are registered for and will be graded on at the end of the semester. Make sure you are attending the correct classes.  Double check your schedule against the curriculum guides and make sure you have lessons, ensembles, and all required courses scheduled.  Let me know if you have a concern with your schedule.  If your schedule does not appear in your account, your classes have been dropped due to non-payment. You will need to contact the Bursar’s Office (http://www.wcupa.edu/_information/afa/Fiscal/Bursar/) ASAP to make payment on your account. After your account has been cleared, you will be able to rebuild your schedule. However, you may not necessarily be able to register for the same courses you were previously registered for.

Drop/Add—The last day to drop or add courses on myWCU is Monday, August 31. If you need assistance with this process please talk to your faculty advisor or me. Most University offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so I would recommend finalizing your schedule by Friday at 2:00 PM in case you need assistance. The last day to withdraw, finalize NGs, or submit for Pass/Fail is Friday, October 23.

Studio Hour—Every Thursday at 11:00 am you are to meet with your lesson professor for Studio Hour. Your professor will let you know your room assignment.

Private Lesson Instruction—Be sure to contact your private lesson instructor to determine a lesson time each week.  Remember to leave time beforehand to warm up and afterwards to pack up.

Recital Credit—Fall semester recital information can be found in the online calendar (http://wcupa.edu/cvpa/eventsCalendar.aspx). We’ve indicated the type of recital credit being granted for each recital. There are plenty of opportunities to complete your recital credit (2 faculty, 2 student, 2 ensemble and 2 of your choice). If you know you are going to have a problem completing a particular recital requirement (e.g. Monday night class), you need to see me by Monday, August 31 so we can discuss your situation.  Recital attendance is tracked by signing into each recital. You’ll receive periodic emails verifying that we’ve tracked your attendance from me. As you complete your recital attendance requirements they will be listed on your Degree Progress Report under Milestones.

This semester our university IT department restructured how the recital attendance milestones will be tracked on your Degree Progress Report and so in the next few weeks your accounts will all be updated to be current before we start our fall events.  If you’ve emailed me with questions about your recital attendance I have those questions on file and will make sure your Degree Progress Report Milestones are updated.

Clearances (Music Education)— remember that you do need to have clearances on file in order to participate in your field courses – if you are enrolled in any music education course this fall that will require field experiences, your clearances need to be on file by the third day of the semester – field classes will be dropped off of your schedule the fourth day of the semester if your clearances are not on file. They should be scanned using the AX system. Please talk with Dr. Burton or Professor Guerriero if you have questions or concerns about your clearances.

Academic Resources and Tutoring—We have several academic and tutoring resources available for you. We have a tutoring center on campus (LARC), but we also have tutors available within Swope. I’ll get all of our tutor contact information out to you within the next few weeks.

SOM Honors Convocation—Sunday, October 18, 3PM in Asplundh – Ensemble Recital Credit will be offered.

Graduation Check

Fall 2015—If you are graduating this fall and need a double-check to ensure you’ve completed all of your requirements, stop by and see me before Monday, August 31.

Spring/Summer 2015—If you plan on graduating in Spring or Summer 2016, please stop by my office so that we can verify that your requirements are on track for completion. The deadline to apply for spring and summer graduation is December 31.


Lockers—Most of you should already have a locker, but for whatever reason if you need a locker please stop down to the main office and see Matt. We are currently only checking out 1 locker to music majors beginning Monday, August 24th. Non-music majors can check out a locker beginning Tuesday, Sept. 1st. Music majors can sign out a second locker beginning Monday, September 14th. Students will not be able to switch or swap lockers with other students lockers until the end of the semester – you must retain the lockers you originally signed out.

Instrument Rental—If you need to rent an instrument you may do so ONLY at the Instrument Rental Office on the first floor. The Instrument Rental Office has open hours – check the rental office for updated hours.

Practice Rooms—Access to the practice rooms has been pre-programmed for all music majors and will be active as of the first day of the semester. If you find you cannot access the practice rooms, e-mail Matt Miller (mmiller@wcupa.edu) your name, student ID, and which kinds of rooms you need access to. Remember you can only have percussion or piano major practice room access if you are taking private lessons with them.

Musician Referral List—we often get calls and emails asking for students to perform or teach lessons – if you would like for your name to be given out to those requests or if you are already on the list and would like to be removed, please sign up to be on our Musician Referral List http://www.wcupa.edu/CVPA/music/forms/referral.aspx

Concert Photography – Photographers will be present at a number of performances this year. Be sure to like the College of Visual and Performing Arts on Facebook (fb.com/wcucvpa) and follow on Instagram and Twitter @wcucvpa to view photos as they are posted.

Nicole Kemp

Undergraduate Program Counselor

West Chester University | College of Visual and Performing Arts

nkemp@wcupa.edu | 610-436-3261

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Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now, students.  If they can do it, why not us? 


First Year Student Schedules

Dear first year student,

As you know your fall class schedule has been developed for you based on your intended major and your general education requirements. As of Monday August 17th, incoming students will have access to change their schedules themselves via their myWCU account. In anticipation of this we wanted to send a few important reminders.

  1. If you intend to be a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours), it is very important that you do not drop below 12 credit hours at anytime. Please do not drop any courses unless you have already enrolled in enough courses so that the drop will not take you below 12 credit hours. You can utilize the ‘swap’ functionality in myWCU to help you remain at full time status.Being enrolled in less than 12 credit hours will impact your financial aid and housing eligibility.
  2. Review the instructionson how to add/drop classes in myWCU.
  3. Please consult with your academic advisor or academic department chair before making any changes to your class schedule. You want to ensure you are not dropping any courses essential to your academic success at myWCU. You can also reference advising sheet that you received during your orientation.
  4. Familiarize yourself with all academic calendar deadlines. Remember that the last day to add or drop courses for the fall 2015 semester is Monday August 31st.
  5. If you have any other registration questions please visit the Registrar’s Office registration page:http://www.wcupa.edu/registrar/registration.aspx

Wishing you all the best in your first semester at West Chester University!

Megan Jerabek

Director of Academic Records, Office of the Registrar

West Chester University of Pennsylvania | 25 University Ave | West Chester, PA 19383

Ph: (610) 436-3541 | Fx: (610) 436-2370 | registrar@wcupa.edu | wcupa.edu/registrar

Concert Ensemble Auditions

Hello friends,
As the end of the summer is approaching, it’s just about time to start thinking about the fall and getting back to classes.  To that end, I have posted materials for auditions at the website below.

Auditions for fall CONCERT ENSEMBLES will be held Sunday, August 23.  Anyone planning on performing in an instrumental ensemble is required to perform an audition for ensemble placement and seating.  Sign-up sheets will be posted the week of August 17 and times will be determined based on the availability of your studio professors.  Since ensembles begin rehearsal Monday, August 24, no alternate audition times will be available.

For the audition, you should prepare excerpts from the PDF provided for your instrument as well as all of your major scales.  A sight-reading example may also be provided.  Audition materials can be downloaded below.  Contact Dr. Yozviak at ayozviak@wcupa.edu with any questions.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll look forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks!


Andrew Yozviak, DMA
Director of Bands
College of Visual and Performing Arts – School of Music
West Chester University
Swope Music Building – 256
West Chester University
817 South High Street
West Chester, PA  19383
Office:  610-430-4188
FAX:     610-436-2873

Hershey Park Live Musician Auditions

Hello WCU Musicians!
We are excited to announce that Windish Music & Productions will be returning to WCU for live auditions for Hersheypark among many other performing opportunities!   We will be at Swope Music Building RM 200-I on Sunday, February 22 from 9AM to 2PM.  It is first come, first serve sign-ups.
Please spread the word to any talented students that may be interested!  And we hope to see you there!   -Mike Windish


Live Musician Auditions 2015

West Chester University 

Sunday, February 22th, 2015 – 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Swope Room 200-I


  • Pop/R&B/Funk Band
  • Percussion/Drumming Ensemble (needed at multiple theme and amusement parks)
  • Strolling Brass Band
  • Dueling Pianos
  • Trombone Quintet
  • One-Man Band (wearing and playing multiple instruments!)
  • Strolling Variety Performers:  Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Magicians

Open Instrumental Positions:

  • Vocalists (Male and Female), Piano/Keys, Singing Pianists, Drum Set/Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba/Sousaphone


  • Starting at $500-575 per week


  •  Subsidized Housing provided for nonlocal performers


*Please provide a performance RESUME and HEADSHOT*
*Sight-Reading example may be provided in addition to listed requirements*
*Contact WMPAuditions@gmail.com for more information*


  • 1 Rudimental snare drum solo example. (16 bars).
  • Drumset: Play time in rock, funk, Latin (Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, etc.), medium swing, 2 beat (8 bars of each).
  • 1 Song play-along CD or MP3 (only 16-32 bars, showcasing your versatility).
  • Mallets (If possible) – please provide a brief solo or excerpt on xylophone (2 mallets).
  • Great personality for entertainment needed – Please tell a joke or a funny story.

*We may not ask for all elements listed. We may only choose specific examples you have prepared.

Bass Guitar:

  • Rhythm playing in funk, Latin, rock, country, walking bassline. Play-Along CD or MP3 suggested but not necessary.
  • 2 examples of contrasting styles – can be musical excerpts or etudes. Please play 16 bars of each.
  • Vocals a HUGE plus.
  • Great personality for entertainment needed – Please tell a joke or a funny story.

*We may not ask for all elements listed. We may only choose specific examples you have prepared.


  • Rhythm guitar strumming in these styles; rock, country/bluegrass, funk, Freddie Green swing. Play 8 bars of each. Play-Along CD or MP3 suggested, but not necessary.
  • Lead guitar: Choose two or three popular lead riffs. We may ask you to play extended solos.
  • Vocals a HUGE plus. Please include a short example.
  • Great personality for entertainment needed – please tell a joke or a funny story.

*We may not ask for all elements listed. We may only choose specific examples you have prepared.

Singing Pianists (Male and Female):

  • Please provide 5 songs of contrasting styles (ex. Top 40, Classic Rock, 80’s Favorites, Current Hits). Please show us 16-32 bars of each.  We will likely request a long list of popular songs on the spot.
  • Show examples of comping in Honky-tonk, rock and funk styles. Ragtime example is a plus.
  • Doubling on drums, guitar, bass, or harmonica is a plus!
  • Great personality for entertainment needed – please tell a joke or a funny story.

*We may not ask for all elements listed. We may only choose specific examples you have prepared.

Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Alto Saxophone (Male and Female):

  • 2 examples of contrasting styles – can be etudes or musical excerpts. Play 16-32 bars of each.
  • 1 Improvisation Example – Play along accompaniment in a standard blues, standard jazz or pop/funk tune recommended.
  • Tuba – Also give an example of a walking bass line over a standard 12 bar blues form.
  • Instrument doubling/singing is a plus!
  • Great personality for entertainment needed – please tell a joke or a funny story.

*We may not ask for all elements listed. We may only choose specific examples you have prepared.

Vocals: Male and Female:

  • Please prepare 2 examples of contrasting styles (ex. Pop, Rock, Country, R&B etc.). Please sing 16-32 bars of each.
  • Pitch matching and vocal appellation and harmonization will be observed.
  • Ability to accompany your own vocals with guitar or piano is a HUGE plus!
  • Instrument doubling a plus! Beat-boxing is also a plus. Please demonstrate if possible.

Variety Skills:

  • Jugglers: Please provide examples of 3-6 ball juggling and 3 club juggling.  Please showcase tricks including cascades, factory, behind-the-back, under-the-leg, spins, and any extended tricks you have prepared. Passing with 1-4 people is a necessary skill.  Must work within a cast. Showmanship, stage presence, and a team player mentality is a MUST. Please provide one comedic monologue showing comedic timing and acting ability.
  • Stilt-Walkers:  Standard drywall stilts, Articulating stilts, and Kinetic stilts are acceptable.  Please bring your own stilts to the live auditions. Must work within a cast.  Showmanship, stage presence, and a team player mentality is a MUST. Please provide one comedic monologue showing comedic timing and acting ability. Juggling, slight of hand magic, or any other variety skills a huge plus.
  • Magicians:  Slight of hand magic, small audience tricks, and street performance experience are important to our positions. Please show a variety of slight of hand and interactive routines. Must work within a cast. Showmanship, stage presence, and a team player mentality is a MUST. Please provide one comedic monologue showing comedic timing and acting ability.Juggling, slight of hand magic, or any other variety skills a huge plus.
  • One-Man-Band:  Multi-instrumentalist skills by ONE performer:  singing/acting, guitar/mandolin/banjo, accordion, percussion, harmonica, among MANY other musical talents. This is the classic “One-Man-Band” where an individual where’s an instrument rig including drums, cymbals, string instrument, harmonica, among others.

DVD Submissions also accepted no later than March 31, 2015. Please follow the audition guidelines and mail DVD, Resume, and Headshot to Windish Music Auditions PO Box 1996 West Chester PA 19380

Best to you,
Mike Windish  
IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winner: “Best Atmosphere”
“Best Edu-tainment” and “Best Overall Production”

WCU Women Speak Performers Needed

From: WCU – Communication <wcu-communication@wcupa.edu>
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 1:15 PM
To: Nicole Kemp <nkemp@wcupa.edu>
Subject: WCU Women Speak Performers Needed- Copy

WCU Women Speak Performers Needed!


Be part of the 2nd WCU Women Speak event! WCU Women Speak is designed to give women the opportunity to express themselves and share their personal stories with the campus community. By allowing women to illustrate their experiences, both positive and negative, we hope to provide an inviting, respectful, and encouraging space to celebrate our unique and extraordinary backgrounds.




Let those creative juices flow over winter break! Submit an application and performance piece for this event. A small committee will review these materials for content and appropriateness. We encourage you to consult with the Women’s Center (220 Lawrence) about your performance if you have questions!


Enjoy your winter break!






Alicia Hahn-Murphy, MS


Director, Women’s Center

Lawrence Center 220


Reminder: Workshop Tomorrow

Music, Art, Design, Theatre, Dance Students:

Reminder that tomorrow, 10/28 at 11:00am in Swope Music Building 208, Ashley Reichenbach of the Career Development Center will be here to answer your questions and assist you with resumes, internships, career development, and transferable skills — all as they relate to the arts! Arts students have a very different career exploration experience, and Ashley is a great resource to help you use your experience and skills to make sure you have great career success.

I hope to see you there!

Nicole Kemp

Undergraduate Program Counselor

West Chester University │ College of Visual and Performing Arts

Swope Music Building │ 817 S. High Street │ West Chester, PA 19383

wcupa.edu/cvpa │nkemp@wcupa.edu│610.436.3261

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Kinky Boots

Gonna be around for Fall Break?

There is still a chance for you to spend the day in New York and see Kinky Boots on Broadway

for $40 per person.

Monday October 6th – leave WCU @ 10am!!

SSI Window (lower level Sykes) will sell the remaining tickets until Friday at 12 noon!

Contact asmith4@wcupa.edu for more info!!!

Kinky Boots