Student Responsibilities

Confirm your Fall Schedule—The courses displayed in your MyWCU account are the classes you are registered for and will be graded on at the end of the semester.  Make sure you are attending the correct classes.  If your schedule does not appear in your account, your classes have been dropped due to non-payment.  You will need to contact the Bursar’s Office ( ASAP to make payment on your account.  After your account has been cleared, you will be able to rebuild your schedule.  However, you may not necessarily be able to register for the same courses you were previously registered for.

Drop/Add—  The last day to drop or add courses on myWCU is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  If you need assistance with this process please talk to your faculty advisor or me.  Most University offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so I would recommend finalizing your schedule by Friday at 2:00 PM (school is closed Monday) in case you need assistance. The last day to withdraw, finalize NGs, or submit for Pass/Fail is Friday, October 24.

Private Lessons—If you have not already contacted your private lesson teacher and provided him/her a copy of schedule, you need to do that ASAP so that your private lessons can be scheduled.

Recital Credit—Fall semester recital information can be found in the online calendar ( We’ve indicated the type of recital credit being granted for each recital. There are plenty of opportunities to complete your recital credit (2 faculty, 2 student, 2 ensemble and 2 of your choice). If you know you are going to have a problem completing a particular recital requirement (e.g. Monday night class), you need to see me by September 5, 2014 so we can discuss your situation. Recital attendance is tracked by signing in and out of each recital.  You’ll receive periodic emails verifying that we’ve tracked your attendance from me.  As you complete your recital attendance requirements they will be listed on your Degree Progress Report under Milestones.

Clearances(Music Education)— remember that you do need to have clearances on file in order to participate in your field courses – if you are enrolled in any music education course this fall that will require field experiences, your clearances need to be on file by the third day of the semester (August 28) – field classes will be dropped off of your schedule the fourth day of the semester if your clearances are not on file.  They should be scanned using the AX system. Please talk with Dr. McFarland if you have questions or concerns about your clearances.

Graduation Check

Fall 2014—If you are graduating this fall and need a double-check to ensure you’ve completed all of your requirements, stop by and see me before I leave on Friday, August 29.

Spring/Summer 2015—If you plan on graduating in Spring or Summer 2015, please stop by my office so that we can verify that your requirements are on track for completion.  The deadline to apply for spring and summer graduation is December 31.



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