Mentoring Program


The mission of the School of Music at West Chester University is to create a learning environment that provides the highest order of education in all major aspects of music, to establish a foundation for life-long growth in music, and to offer programs and degrees that are tradition based but future oriented.  In pursuing this mission, we reaffirm our commitment to diversity within the School of Music.  Our faculty members strive to be inspiring teachers as well as musical and intellectual leaders.  Further, we endeavor to expand the music opportunities available to all students and to enhance the quality of our community’s musical life.

In partnership with the School of Music, its faculty advisors and administrators, Mentors are students who are dedicated to helping their peers by being readily available to provide general transitional support as well as quality resource information relate to campus resources, goal setting, and life-long growth in music.

Mentors have a unique opportunity to serve their program and gain experience that will help them to build skills for their professional life by making a difference in the lives of our new students.  Our mentors have leadership experience and potential for future growth; they are students interested in and committed to developing their own leadership capabilities and the capabilities of others.  Mentors demonstrate a passion for music, learning, open-mindedness, responsibility, and the ability to communicate effectively.

The mentoring program supports West Chester University’s Strategic Plans for:

Academics: Goal 1, Objective 1.6: Ensure that retention and graduation rates are similar for all demographic groups, and that they meet the State System Performance Goals

Enrichment: Goal 2, Objective 1.1: Promote the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular experiences by enhancing out-of-classroom experiences and bolstering student leadership training, service-learning opportunities, and other capstone experiences

Diversity:  Goal 2, Objective 2.2: Recruit and retain diverse cohorts of students

-Reduce by 50% the achievement gap and improve by 50% the six-year graduation rate of under-represented minority students by the end of 2016-2017.

-Implement new and proven strategies to retain students from historically marginalized groups, such as LGBTQA, students with disabilities, multicultural students, and other marginalized populations.

Programmatic Goals

  • Allow new students to become more acclimated to college life, helping students to identify concerns in their transition to college, classes, roommate or living situation, making friends, organization skills, time management, etc., and discuss possible solutions;
  • Provide general information: This may include but is not limited to discussions and reminders about clearances, PAPA, ensemble auditions, rehearsal and practice support, concert etiquette, Room Reservations, Library and Computer Lab usage, etc.;
  • Assist new students with reflecting on their academic advising, including setting academic and career goals;
  • Promote involvement in student groups and campus life;
  • Cultivate a passion for music, performing, and education;
  • Provide referrals to campus resources and assist in learning to use myWCU, D2L, and the scheduling process;
  • Contribute to the intellectual and personal growth of students;
  • Increase student retention rates;
  • Cultivate a comfortable, non-intrusive source of continuous contact with students;
  • Increase the variety of services available to students;
  • Increase leadership and communication skills, application of legal and ethical issues, identification of campus resources, and interpretation of program-specific information
  • Provide experience that will enhance students’ skills as future educators


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