Minor in Music Performance

Minor in Music Performance

Curriculum Guide
Program # Q083 | Advisor: Dr. Chris Hanning, Swope 114

This program is geared toward any WCU student with an interest in music. To be enrolled, students must have the permission of both their major advisor and the School of Music Undergraduate Program Counselor. The Minor Field in Music Performance provides a program of 18 credits of study as follows:

Required Courses (9 credits)
AMF 251 (3 cr.) Foundations of Music Performance I
AMF 252 (3 cr.) Foundations of Music Performance II

Choose one of the following:
AML 351 (3 cr.) Understanding Live Music
AMA 352 (3 cr.) Performing in the Arts

Ensemble Instruction (4 credits)
Music Performance Minors enroll in AME 101 (all major and minor ensembles), AEB 311, AEB 112 (1 cr. each) for Ensemble Instruction and then will be auditioned to perform with any of the courses listed below. Marching Band and Marching Band Front can be taken up to 4 times, AME 101 up to 16 times.

Men’s Chorus
Women’s Chorus
Cantari Donne
Concert Choir
Marching Band
Concert Band
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
Symphony Orchestra
Guitar Ensemble

Elective Courses (5 credits)
Elective credits selected under advisement from the following courses:
Minor Lessons (if available) (1-5cr.)
AIM 429 Drum Line (spring only) (1-5 cr.)
PIA 181 or 182 Piano Class (1-2 cr.)
VOI 291 or 292 Voice Class (1-2 cr.)
MRC 251 Rhythm Class (1 cr.)
MIP 310 Music Injury Prevention (spring only) (1cr.)
AJZ 331 Electronic Instruments (2 cr.)
AJZ 365 Jazz Ensemble Tech. (.5 cr.)
ASC 196 Guitar class for minors (1 cr.)
AIM 429 Alexander Technique (1-5 cr.)
AME 101 or 201 Ensembles (1-5 cr.)
AML 351 (if not taken as required) (3 cr.)
AMA 352 (if not taken as required) (3 cr.)

Students must complete an ensemble audition and submit an “Application for Minor” form. This form is available online at http://www.wcupa.edu/registrar/forms.asp or in the Registrar’s Office at 25 University Ave.


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