Minor in Music

Minor in Music

Curriculum Guide
Program #Q057 | Advisor: Dr. Robert Maggio, rmaggio@wcupa.edu

This program is geared toward any WCU student with an interest in music. To be enrolled, students must have the permission of both their major advisor and the School of Music Undergraduate Program Counselor. The Minor Field in Music provides a program of 18 credits of study as follows:

Required Courses (11.5-12 credits)
MTC 110 (3) Making Music (fall semester only)
MTC 111 (3) The Developing Musician (prerequisite: MTC 110; spring semester only)

3 credits of Music History chosen from:
MHL 121 (3) Music in Culture and History
MHL 125 (3) Perspectives in Jazz
MHL 210 (3) Music History I
MHL 312 (3) Women in Music
MHL 325 (3) History of Rock

2 credits of chorus, orchestra, or band (by audition) chosen from:
CHO 211 (.5) Men’s Chorus
CHO 212 (.5) Women’s Chorus
CHO 311 (.5) Mastersingers
CHO 312 (.5) Cantari Donne
CHO 412 (.5) Concert Choir
AEB 311 (1) Marching Band
AEB 321 (.5) Concert Band
AEB 331 (.5) Symphonic Band
AEB 341 (.5) Wind Ensemble
AEO 341 (.5) Symphony Orchestra
AES 131 (.5) Guitar Ensemble

One of the following:
PIA 181 (1) Piano Class I for non-majors
ASC 196 (.5) Guitar Class

Music Electives (6-6.5 credits)
Any music course, selected under advisement, for which the student meets the prerequisite. This may include up to four semesters of vocal, keyboard, or instrumental studio instruction by permission of the applied chair. If the student takes the maximum number of private lessons allowable, at least one of the course numbers must be above the beginning level. It is recommended that students enroll in 2 additional 3 credit music theory & composition (MTC) or music history (MHL) courses to satisfy this requirement.

Students must complete an ensemble audition and submit an “Application for Minor” form. This form is available online at http://www.wcupa.edu/registrar/forms.asp or in the Registrar’s Office at 25 University Ave.


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