Outside Field

Getting Started: Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your career goals.  He or she will be able to help you to identify your interests, career goals, and how the Outside Field program may be able to help you to reach those goals.

How To Choose An Outside Field: To choose an Outside Field you should meet with the Department Chairs of the field in which you are interested.  Your Outside Field can be in any other degree program offered here at WCU.  The Department Chair will be able to help identify 21 credits that would be appropriate for you to take as an Outside Field, and they will be able to give you insight into their program so that you can piece together how it might fit into your career and academic goals. Many times an Outside Field will consist of the minor-level requirements plus one elective.  Once you have selected 21 credits, have the Department Chair sign our ElectiveStudiesForm.  This form must be on file with the Undergraduate Coordinator before your final semester.

When To Choose An Outside Field: You should start meeting with Department Chairs during your first and second semesters so that you can enroll in Outside Field courses starting in your second year.

Internships: A great way to maximize your Outside Field program is to find internship(s) that will help you to develop your interests, solidify your career plans, network and make connections in the field, and build your resume and experience. Internships are not required of music students but they are highly recommended for Outside Field students.  To find an internship visit the Twardowski Career Development Center Internship Site or contact Ashley Reichenbach of the Twardowski Career Development Center. Remember that you can have more than one internship, and that while some internships will be paid, others will be unpaid.

Also work to network with your resources in the School of Music – your Associate Dean, Department Chairs, Undergraduate Coordinator, Faculty Advisor, and other Faculty.  There are often times that job opportunities or internship information will be available through the department.  Keep an eye on the Job Postings tab on this site, the Ask Sommy Facebook, and Swope Music Building Billboards.


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