Recital Attendance

Part of the music curriculum is to complete six semesters of Recital Attendance (that means that if all goes well, you are free and clear during your last year!). To complete one Recital Attendance requirement, you must attend eight concerts or recitals in one semester (which is not difficult considering we have hundreds of events a semester). We ask you to attend two Faculty Recitals, two Ensemble Recitals, two Student Recitals, and two recitals of your choice. Be sure to take a few minutes at the beginning of each semester to plan out your Recital Attendance.

What’s Required?Ā 
Each semester for 6 semesters, attend 2 faculty recitals, 2 student recitals (senior recitals, graduate recitals, etc.), 2 ensemble recitals, and 2 of your choice.

How do I know which recitals count for which types of credit?
On the CVPA homepage we have a google calendar that shows you every event In the description of each event it says whether or not recital credit is offered and if so, what classification of credit.

How do I get the credit?
Sign in to each event that you attend. You’ll need to be there a few minutes before the event begins. If the faculty member in charge of the event removes the sign-in sheet before you get there it is up to you to find them to sign in later.

How do I keep track?
We’ll keep an excel sheet with your progress. Periodically we’ll email you to let you know where you stand for the semester.

At the end of each semester if you finish your requirement you should be able to see it show up as a Milestone on your Degree Progress Report on myWCU. We have had some technical troubles with this in the past so if you are unsure please email

Please note: if you do not finish your requirement by the end of the semester it does not roll over to subsequent semesters. You may complete two requirements in one semester if you need to catch up.


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