Campus Contacts


Dean – Dr. Timothy Blair

Associate Dean – Mr. Jon Esser

Business Manager – Sunny Donovan

Department Chairs – Dr. Chris Hanning (Applied Music) – on sabaatical this fall – see Dr. Emily Bullock, Dr. Kimberly Reighley, and Dr. Patricia Powell in his absence; Dr. Bryan Burton (Music Education); Dr. Robert Maggio (Theory, History, and Composition)

Undergraduate Program Counselor – Nicole Kemp

Nicole’s Intern: Greg Templeton

Front Desk – Robin Powell

Lockers, Programs, Instruments – Brandi DeVivo

Events Coordinator – Matt Miller

AV Recording Engineer – Bob Rust

Piano Technician – Gerry Cousins

Digital Content Specialist – Seth Birch,

Contact Information and Campus Resources

Health & Safety Student Services
Public Safety: Peoples Building; 610-436-3311
Student Health Services: 2nd floor Wayne Hall; 610-436-2509

Academic Student Services
Learning Assistance & Resource Center: 224 Lawrence;; 610-436-2535;
Writing Center: 214 Lawrence;; 610-430-5664;

Student Life Services
Counseling Services: 241 Lawrence; 610-436-2301;
LGBTQA: 238 Sykes; 610-436-3147;
Multicultural Affairs: 003 Sykes; 610-436-3273
Office of Services for Students with Disabilites: 223 Lawrence;; 610-436-2564;
Off Campus & Commuter Services: 116 Sykes; 610-436-2984;
Twardowski Career Development Center: 225 Lawrence;; 610-436-2501;
Women’s Center: 220 Lawrence;; 610-436-2122;


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