Going through the self scheduling process can be a little tricky the first time around. Fortunately, the Registrar’s Office has several resources to help you succeed through the process.

You can find a guide online that teach you everything you need to know about myWCU, such as how to enroll in a class and how to apply for graduation.  Our intern, Danielle Cartwright, also created this powerpoint with step by step instructions: Scheduling Workshop-Updated 9.28

When preparing to schedule you may need a few supplemental resources handy such as your curriculum guide and the university catalog to help you remember the steps to schedule.  Also check out the list of approved General Education Distributive Courses.

There are three main steps to scheduling:

1. Figure out what you need to take – using your Curriculum Guide, figure out what courses you should take next.  Meet with your Faculty Advisor to get their approval on your plan (they need to lift the scheduling hold off of your account to allow you access to schedule anyways).

2. Create your tentative schedule – put classes into your tentative schedule on myWCU.  This is the part that takes the longest since this is when you’ll be figuring out all of the timing of the courses you need to take.  Do this before your enrollment date.

3. “Proceed to Step 2 of 3”: your myWCU account will show you your enrollment date.  This is when the gates open and you have access to schedule (you don’t have to schedule on this day, but it is helpful to schedule as soon as you can).  At this time, go to your tentative schedule in myWCU and finish the enrollment process to move them onto your actual schedule.

Scheduling Tips:

  • The Suggested Sequence of Courses: We give you a suggested sequence of courses because we know what courses require pre-reqs and what courses are offered at certain times.  If you stick to the plan, everything should work out for your schedule.  If you stray from the plan or if a class you need is closed, you may experience trouble with the timing of which courses are offered when.  If you don’t get into the classes you need there are many options for you to rearrange your schedule.  Many of the classes are interchangeable, so if one class fills up just swap it for another that you need. So long as you are mindful of pre-reqs and class times you can interchange your courses if needed.
  • Need help customizing your schedule? Use an excel template like College Schedule from Cameron Mast to help keep track of your credits each semester.
    • 8:00am classes are inevitable.  Many students try to avoid them but we really cannot squeeze you into closed classes because you don’t want to wake up earlier.  I know that in college it is sometimes difficult to regiment your sleep schedule, but being able to get yourself up for 8am classes will help you later on in life.  There are resources on campus like the Wellness Center and Counseling Center if you have chronic sleep issues.
    • Winter and Summer Courses: Please consider your options for taking winter and summer gen-ed courses – either here at WCU or at a community college.  There are many courses offered.  In addition to gen-ed courses, this winter one of the EDR courses is being offered here. If you have questions about transferring courses, refer to the transfer credit center on the Registrar’s website. Remember that Writing Emphasis, Interdisciplinary, and Diversity Courses have to be taken at WCU – they cannot be transferred in
    • Closed Classes: Remember that students drop and add classes all of the time – if a class you need is closed, keep a close watch on it. You have until the end of drop/add (Spring 2014: last day to drop is Jan. 26, last day to add is Jan. 27) to finalize your schedule
  • Planning Your Classes: While you are logged into myWCU and searching through classes to see what’s available you will not be able to simultaneously look at what you have planned thus far.  It’s a good idea to create a scheduling grid for yourself so that you can block times for classes as you’re searching through the course offerings.
    • You can search through course offerings two ways: 1- click “Search Class Schedule” in the column on the right of your myWCU home-page; 2- click “Enroll in a Class” in the middle of your myWCU homepage, navigate to add a class, and use the search feature.  This second option allows you to put classes right into your tentative schedule.
    • Overfill your tentative schedule.  Along the way there will be courses that become unavailable.  If you have other options in your tentative schedule you won’t have to go through the whole search process again when you’re rushing to enroll in classes.
  • SAC 100 Placeholder: If you start to schedule but don’t finish adding a full-time credit-load the Registrar’s Office automatically adds a placeholder onto your account so that your bill doesn’t think you are only going to be part-time.  You can drop the placeholder just like you would drop a class and then continue scheduling.
  • Overloads: if you need to overload your classes at all besides the lessons, fill out the overload form on the Registrar’s website and take it to the Registrar. If you get an error that you’re overloading and you don’t know why, remember to check to see if a placeholder was added to your account- you can drop it just like you would drop a class. 
  • Lessons: make sure your schedule is confirmed before you leave for Thanksgiving break.  Lessons will be automatically added to your account after Thanksgiving. When you schedule please leave enough credits open for your lesson (1.5 or 3 credits depending on your degree program).  If us adding a lesson causes you to overload it will happen automatically and you won’t have to fill out the overload form, but you will be responsible for the tuition cost of the overload.
  • After we add everyone’s lessons we will start checking in with students who haven’t yet scheduled.  If for whatever reason you will not be taking classes next semester please proactively let Nicole know.

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