Tutoring and WCU Academic Resources

Theory/Aurals tutors:



Tyler Hoover, Ed Allison – Music Theory and Aurals

Alyssa Resh – Music History


Tutoring Resources:

Student Record of Session

Tutoring Log

Other learning resources:

• LARC – Learning Assistance Resource Center (Tutoring for General Education Courses): http://www.wcupa.edu/ussss/larc/ 224 Lawrence Center, larc@wcupa.edu, 610-436-2535

• Academic Success Workshops – Free workshops on Time Management, Test Taking/Anxiety, Note Taking, Essay Writing: http://www.wcupa.edu/ussss/larc/students.aspx Contact Kathryn McCreesh,km628743@wcupa.edu, 610-436-2187

• Smarthinking – Free online tutoring: Contact Joseph Mignone, 224 Lawrence Center, cube E, jm816668@wcupa.edu, 610-436-2187

• Writing Center: http://www.wcupa.edu/_academics/writingcenter/ 214 Lawrence Center, kfitts@wcupa.edu, 610-430-5664



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