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Veterans Educational Forum

Hello Swope Population,

For those of you that don’t know by know, my name is Paul Feldman, and I am Super Senior and Double Major in Instrumental Music Education and Instrumental Music Performance with a Jazz Studies Minor. My major instrument is trumpet and I currently student teach, which is much of the reason why people that I do and don’t know haven’t seen me that much. 

Anyways, I wanted to inform you of a performance opportunity that takes place this Saturday, April the 25. The event is called the Veterans Educational Forum, and the event is run by the WCU Student Veterans Organization. They would need about 45 minutes of music for the opening ceremony and Presentation of the Colors (agenda is attached). I was planning on playing Reveille, Taps, the National Anthem, as well as all of the service branch songs after each representative presents a speech. However, it is still not too late if you have any patriotic solos, duets, trios, chamber pieces, or ensemble pieces that you have either been working on, could do easily on your own or with a small group of people or by yourself. (“America the Beautiful”, “Yankee Doodle”, etc.)

Note that you are not committed like the email says you are. It was simply an email sent to me so that I was on board with what they said. The email and the attachment both provide additional regarding the itinerary, the nature of the event, meal arrangements, parking, etc. While I realize that this event may be coming at us last minute, just realize that I did not lead this event from the beginning. I am only a messenger. But as that messenger, I stress how much of a great service it would be to our troops, our veterans, our countrymen and women, our communities, and to your profiles as musicians. Please contact me at (215)-421-1824 or if you have any further questions.
Paul Feldman
WCU Undergraduate Class of Spring 2015
Double Major in Instrumental Music Education
and Instrumental Performance
Jazz Studies Minor
Treasurer of Criterions Jazz Ensemble

0900-0945: Breakfast and Registration (Academic Quad)

0945-1020: Presentation of Colors (Academic Quad)

Welcome Remarks

Introduction of Speakers

1030-1200: Morning Presentations (Philips Memorial Autograph Library)

Veterans Benefits


Student Leaders




Administrators/Certifying Officials

1200-1230: Luncheon (Academic Quad)

1230-1250: Guest Speaker (Academic Quad)

1250-1320:   Networking Breakout Session (Academic Quad)

1320-1500:   Afternoon Presentations (Philips Memorial Autograph Library)

Becoming A Veterans Advocate

Female Veterans Success Stories

Veteran Academic Success

1500: Closing Remarks/Phillies Tickets Raffle (Philips Memorial Autograph Library)