Clearances (for Music Education Majors)

For all official Clearance information, visit the College of Education website!

The Commonwealth of PA requires teacher education (Music Education) students completing field experiences or student teaching to have the following clearances: PA Child Abuse, PA Criminal Record Check, FBI Fingerprinting, and a TB Test.  All Music Education Majors will start with field courses in their first year so it is required for you to complete these clearances ahead of time.  You should complete these clearances over the summer to ensure that they are on file before the start of your first field class.  July 15 is the deadline if you want to make sure they’re ready for the first day of classes.

Questions about clearances? Email Dr. Ann McFarland (Music Education faculty) or check out the College of Education Website

PA Child Abuse – application form can be found at It can take up to six weeks to receive this clearance so please send in your application by July 15 before your freshman year.  If you have not received this clearance in the mail by August 20 please contact them as you may need to pick it up in Harrisburg, PA.

  1. PA Criminal Record check – apply online at  Results are immediate but make sure to print the certificate with a seal, not the receipt.
  2. FBI Fingerprinting – register online at
  3. In-State Students: must be fingerprinted in PA at least 1 month before coming to campus so that they receive their report in the mail for scanning –call them if you haven’t received it after 3 weeks.
  4. Out-of-State Students: If you are not able to get to an FBI scanning station in PA, follow the directions on the clearance webpage:
  5. TB Test – must be completed no sooner than three months before your first field class here at WCU.  Please have this done before the semester begins.  You will need to retake the test before student teaching.

How to submit your clearances: 

WCU has scanning stations for you to submit your clearances in the FHG Library.  You must submit your scanned clearances before August 27 at 4:00pm if you’re taking MUE 201 in the fall (some freshmen start with MUE 201 in the fall, some start in the spring). Scanning hours for FHG Library: May 5-August 14, Monday-Thursday, 9am-Noon and 1:30-3:30pm; August 25-27 8:30am-4:00pm.


Check out these resources for FATE:


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